• 經營範圍 :
  • Power Plants
  • 專業服務 :
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • 服務項目 :
  • Onshore and offshore soil investigation
    Other geotechnical consultancy services

Cogen power plant on reclaimed land

The proposed development consists of the construction of a new Cogeneration Power Plant with cool water intake structure and main cooling water discharge channel on an open space (reclaimed) site near the Jurong Island Expressway on Jurong Island, Singapore.


Scope of work

Geotechnical consultancy services including onshore and offshore soil investigation works with regard to the foundation system of the proposed development and geotechnical matters related to the design of the proposed cool water intake structure and the proposed main cooling water discharge channel, located with an edge to edge clearance of less than 10 m from the existing high pressure gas pipelines along the Jurong Expressway.