• 經營範圍 :
  • Airports
  • 專業服務 :
  • Geotechnical Engineering
    Project & Construction Management
  • 服務項目 :
  • Ground improvement detailed design
    Road structures detailed design
    Tender preparation

Landside roads design for the new Bangkok International Airport

The 38 km long landside road comprises a 32 km at-grade road, a 5 km viaduct and a 1.4 km tunnel and underpass. To accommodate the various requirements of transportation in and around the airport, the landside road system was designed to have variations in carriage way width, with a 1.7 km long 10-lane road, a 2.3 km long 6-lane road, a 22 km long 4-lane road and a 6 km long 2-lane road. The scope of design services included the design of ground improvement and other landside road supporting facilities and equipments, such as roadway lighting, traffic control signaling system and storm drainage system.


Scope of work

MAA was part of a joint venture of companies selected to conduct consultancy services and was responsible for the study and detailed design of ground improvement and roadway structures best suited to the soil conditions and construction schedule of Suvarnabhumi Airport. The ground improvement method applied was the surcharge pre-loading technique with the installation of Prefabricated Vertical Drains (PVD) for the area where ground improvement was required to accelerate consolidation settlement. Other provided services included the preparation of tender documents i.e. Conditions of Contract and Instructions to Tenderers.