MAA 45th Anniversary

MAA 45th Anniversary - Our World Our Work

2020 is a critical year. COVID-19 has upended the world in the most devastating way and forced us to halt activities of all kinds. In the wake of the pandemic, rethinking how the engineering industry could serve the world is a pivotal mission. MAA will not only persevere, but also continue searching innovative solutions to better the world.


MAA 45th Booklet (亞新承實-45週年紀念特刊)



As a memory of the accomplishments and contributions made by MAA for the past 45 years, a special booklet was published documenting the breakthrough projects in which MAA was involved.

The 45th Anniversary 承實 booklet is not only to record down the evolution of MAA, but also act as a reference for us to find the answers. The booklet has been planned for many years and is not a booklet recorded by a third person, but instead is a set of recollection written by our MAA engineers. We would like to thank the editorial team, Mr. Hsiou-Min Chou, Mr. Yu-Feng Chiou, and MAA staff Hsiao-Chou Chao, Jiunn-Ming Lin, Sandra Chen, Sophia Lee, Chantal Liu, and all the engineer contributors for the countless hours put in to gather pictures, record and write down their memorable moments. We hope that writings by MAA engineers of different generations can portray the importance of 承實 (承擔, 傳承, 實現).




MAA Technical Papers - Volume 9 (2015-2019)


As part of the commemoration of MAA 45th anniversary, MAA continues to demonstrate its technical excellence through its publication of MAA Technical Papers - Volume 9 (2015-2019). The collection was recorded and prepared by the MAA Group staff on a DVD.





Reception and Message Board



As part of the celebration for the 45-year anniversary of MAA, reception was held at the Taipei office for the employees. Two weeks prior to the reception, a blue message board was designed to invite every employee to write congratulations messages on different shades of blue colored note cards and stick them onto the board. On the day of the reception, employees gathered around the board to read the notes and took pictures in front of the board. The board was more than just a display or decoration for the venue. Rather, it was the heart of the reception, inviting the employees to reflect on the company's past while embracing the future of MAA.