As a critical component of any transportation system, tunnels require the type of expertise and knowledge of MAA. With its vast experience in geotechnical, structural engineering, and project construction management, MAA is able to provide full scope service in tunneling projects under many different soil and geological conditions. The tunnel projects MAA has worked on include for highways, rail and transit, sewers and utilities, using a variety of methods including open cut method, shield tunneling, soft ground tunneling, microtunneling, and directional drilling.  


One of the most notable projects is the Fushing North Road Underpass through Taipei’s Songshan International Airport. To minimize disruptions on one of the busiest Taiwan airports, the project required a tunnel to be excavated underneath an operating runway and taxiway, and had to control pavement surface settlement to a very stringent <2.5cm during construction. MAA was able to innovate and introduce the Endless Self Advancing method to Taiwan to satisfy these precise conditions.


MAA has an extensive history with tunneling, being responsible for a large portion of Taiwan High Speed Rail’s tunnels (19 tunnels with a total length of 13 km) as well as over 50km of tunnels for electricity lines within the last 10 years. Another difficult project was the Xinyi Expressway, with a 3.2 km tunnel and a bridge across complicated geographical conditions.


MAA was the first to introduce the Double-O-Tube shield tunneling for a section of the Taipei MRT Line, crossing under a major river.