Mass Rapid Transits

By working extensively with major transit companies and local and national governments around Asia, MAA has provided its consultancy services to develop some of the world’s best MRT systems in terms of reliability, safety, and quality standards. 


MAA has provided engineering and architectural services for many of Taiwan’s MRT networks (Taipei, Taichung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Tainan, Kaohsiung). Other notable projects include: in China, engineering safety and risk management for over 21 cities’ MRT systems in China; in Macau, Phase 1 design of Macau LRT; in Singapore, where MAA provided design and construction supervision services; and in Thailand, for which MAA holds the highest participation rate in Bangkok’s MRT Lines.


Challenges such as tunneling in soft ground conditions and implementing building protection measures are commonly handled by MAA’s experts, who are experienced with assessing MRT project risk management, resulting in safe construction and operation environments. MAA has provided engineering consultancy services for many turnkey projects, and has also implemented BIM for MRT stations.


MAA is experienced with Transit-Oriented Developments (TOD), with many MRT station designs and multiple MRT-centered urban developments. This forward thinking method can maximize efficiency in MRT station facilities as well as surrounding land use and infrastructure


MAA’s scope of services for MRTs include:

  • - Pre-Investment study
  • - Planning
  • - Feasibility Study / Preliminary Design
  • - Geotechnical Consultancy
  • - Engineering Planning &Design
  • - General Civil Engineering
    • - Tunnels
    • - Bridges and Viaducts
    • - Stations and Depots
    • - Track Engineering
    • - Core System- Power Supply System, Signal and Communication Systems
  • - Design Review & Independent Checking
  • - Construction Management and Supervision
  • - Vibration Mitigation and Noise Screening
  • - Stations Planning and Development
  • - BIM Services
  • - Inspection and Maintenance
  • - Transportation Oriented Development