Environmental and Water Engineering

MAA promotes a green, sustainable future by providing clients with innovative and practical environmental and water engineering services. With extensive experience in water distribution systems, wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste management, as well as landscaping and environmental impact assessments (EIA), MAA collaborates with clients to fulfill their environmental and water engineering needs.


To date, MAA has provided contract management services for over 50% of Taiwan's current BOT wastewater treatment plants, including the wastewater treatment plant for Taiwan's famous tourism area, Sun-Moon Lake. From ecological engineering of the Little Tern Habitat to award winning sustainable interchanges at Lu-Zhu Science Park for its incorporation of fish farms, MAA has the knowledge and capabilities to satisfy client’s expectations.


Services Provided

  • - Water and Wastewater Treatment
    - Water Supply and Sewage
    - Solid Waste Management
    - Soil and Groundwater Management
    - Landscape Engineering
    - Ecological Engineering
    - Environmental Studies and Management
    - Greenhouse Gas Inventory
    - Green Certification


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