Solid Waste Management

As global environmental awareness continues, solid waste management has become a critical point in creating sustainable societies to minimize long term environment impacts such as wind-blown litter, vermin, leachate contaminating groundwater, as well as uncontrolled greenhouse gas emission. MAA provides Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) solutions including; landfill design and management as well as sorting recycling from landfills and brownfield contaminated sites to transform spaces so sites become suitable for public parks, residential or commercial developments.


MAA has worked on several solid waste management projects, including the creation of a new waste treatment site landfill mining and reclamation (LFMR) in Neihu, Taiwan, as well as providing construction consultancy and environmental monitoring when an unexpected large solid waste site was discovered during Taiwan’s Linkou town’s construction, strategizing an efficient process to limit the city development’s delay.