Industrial and Business Parks

Industries and businesses are key elements to promoting national growth. MAA provides innovative and sustainable solutions to create appealing prospective zones to attract potential occupants. With a multidisciplinary team, MAA is able to conduct feasibility studies, design and planning, environmental impact assessments, transportation planning, geotechnical, infrastructure, mechanical and electrical engineering, financial estimations, water and sewerage system networks, as well as construction management and supervision services for future industrial and business zones.


Notable industrial developments include Hsinchu’s Science and Industrial Park (HSP) and Nangang Software Park, two of the world’s most significant semiconductor manufacturing centers and digital cities with over 650 total high-tech companies. MAA provided geotechnical, planning and design services for these vital economic centers.


Throughout the years, MAA has established its expertise in transit-oriented developments (TOD) using transportation stations such as for HSR & MRT to create economic growth opportunities. Recent projects such as Miaoli and Changhua HSR Districts for future businesses were planned by MAA, and our experts have the knowledge to assist developers and government with the innovative, green, efficient solutions.