Bridges and Viaducts

Bridges not only serve as the primary method to cross rivers and connect the many islands in Asia and South East Asia; they also create a platform where form and function can combine to build essential and aesthetically pleasing structures. MAA is able to integrate special architecture with new technologies to create sustainable, safe, economic bridges, while considering various conditions such as terrain, geology, natural hazards and physical requirements (loading, span, and clearance).


MAA has worked on bridges and viaducts in Taiwan, Thailand, U.S., Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Brunei, providing services such as feasibility studies, environment impact assessment, planning, design, construction supervision and management for new bridges, while also having experience in reconstruction, inspection, maintenance, and renovation for older bridges.


One of MAA’s notable projects is the popular Xinwei Scenic Bridge located in the heart of Taiwan’s Maolin National Scenic Area, designed to capture the essence of the region’s ecology and culture with its butterfly design. Costa Rica’s Tempisque Bridge, a landmark also known as the Friendship Bridge and the nation’s longest cable bridge, was designed and supervised by MAA. MAA also provided construction supervision for the Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, which includes the award winning Ong Lon Bridge in Vietnam. As the second hybrid arch/cable steel bridge in the world when built, the Nanfang-ao Bridge was designed and construction supervised by MAA.


MAA is experienced in many bridge types, including: pre-stressing concrete bridges, steel bridges, composite bridges, as well as arch bridges, truss bridges, moving scaffold supporting bridges, incremental launching bridges, full span launching bridges, balanced cantilever bridges, segmental bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and suspension bridges.


MAA collaborated with ENR rank no. 1 bridge-design consultant COWI A/S in an international design competition for the Danjiang Bridge Competition. Effective communication and teamwork led the team to be placed well. Together, MAA and COWIA/S created a visionary design to provide a much needed transportation across the Danshui River, with an emphasis on local culture, interplay with local environment, as well as sustainability and community involvement.