Residential and Offices

MAA has provided innovative designs and engineering solutions to a wide range of housing from high-rise towers to low-cost residential housing. The sophisticated geotechnical characteristics and complicated structural loadings can be answered with MAA’s experience, while meeting a client’s cost and sustainability goals. By integrating energy-efficient designs through BIM and mechanical and electrical solutions, MAA is able to implement with safe engineering while maintaining high standards.


As modern projects are trending towards large scale, smart, and green buildings, MAA is progressing to meet these expectations. Current projects include working on the Light Era Development’s smart and green building in Hsinpu, Taiwan, providing planning, general consultancy services, project and construction management, as well as BIM services to satisfy the client’s goals of meeting Taiwan’s green and smart building gold standard


MAA has worked with a wide variety of projects, from providing geotechnical services to the renowned Taipei 101, to geotechnical, civil and structural detailed designs for the large scale apartments and condo-villas of Allila Development Project in Penang, Malaysia, as well as project and construction management and supervision for Taiwan’s Linkou public housing and Athlete’s Village in preparation for the 2017 Summer University Games.


MAA has extensive experience with residential and office buildings, with projects completed in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mainland China, Singapore and Myanmar.