Commercial Complex

Commercial buildings are meant to not only be efficient and sustainable, but can also serve as elegant structures with innovative designs to highlight a client’s characteristics or serve as a landmark. MAA is experienced in handling the often large dimensions and complex structural designs, while considering user flexibility and the safety and health of its future tenants on top of the client’s return on investment.


MAA’s track record includes landmarks such as the Core Pacific City Shopping Mall and Banqiao Far Eastern Shopping Center in Taipei and the Marina Centre and Sentosa World Resort in Singapore. Together with SURV, a MAA associated architecture and planning firm, MAA can provide geotechnical, structural, MEP consulting services as well as construction management and supervision.


SURV, MAA associated architecture and planning firm, has completed numerous architecture and interior design projects for fashion stores, boutiques, clubs and restaurants in China. Landmarks include the Beitang Seafood Center and the renovation of the Qing Wang Fu Palace in Tianjin and the Nike Energy Center in Beijing. SURV won the Second Prize for the 2015 Shanghai Excellent Design Award of the Legend Hotel Fu Chun Jiang. Attention to materials, space and light make each SURV realization a unique experience.