MoU with National Central University

NCU has cultivated many outstanding engineering talents over the years in Taiwan, while MAA is a leading Asian architecture and engineering consulting service provider with 1200 people in the East and Southeast Asian region focused on the areas of infrastructure, land resources, environment, buildings, and information technology. On 23rd November 2022, MAA and National Central University (NCU) signed a Memorandum of understanding in the hope of integrating theory and practice through the internship program. Based in Taiwan, MAA upholds an international vision, cultivates talents, and leads students to go deep into engineering practice.

 The signing ceremony was held in NCU with many attendees, including MAA’s Non Executive Chairman Dr. Moh, Chairman Richard Moh, Vice Chairman Chung-Cheng Kao, President Chen-Hui Hsieh, Senior Vice President Travis Chien, Senior Vice President Ting-Chiun Su, Senior Vice President Shi-Chang Huang, NCU’s Vice President Shang-Yao Yan, Emeritus Professor Chien-Chung Li, Emeritus Professor Jhih-Dong Lin, Emeritus Professor Hui-Wen Chang, Vice President for General Affairs Jyh-Bin Yang, Dean of College of Engineering Shu-San Hsiau, Professor Wei-Ling Chiang, and Professor Shih-Huang Chen.

By signing the MOU, MAA will cooperate with NCU to establish its Capstone course and promote inter-industry-academy collaboration through internship and research projects, guiding students through their research and helping them determine their future career paths. Through these efforts, the students, universities, and enterprises all benefit to create a sustainable community. 


MAA's Chairman Richard Moh (Right) and NCU's President Jing-Yang Jou (Left) sign a MoU


Group photo