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The largest BOT in the world

The Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) Project, with a US $ 14.9 billion capital investment, was the biggest BOT project in the world at the time of inception. The THSR shortened travel time between Taipei and Kaohsiung of Taiwan to 90 minutes only. Similar to Shinkansen of Japan, the THSR was designed for a 350km/h speed, with adequate safety systems and minimal pollution. There are 10 stations, 1 workshop station, 2 maintenance bases and 3 depots. It became a highly competitive transportation mode alternative for travelers. The 345 km long system was built through 12 turnkey packages awarded to joint ventures comprised of international and local contractors. There were 17 contractors and 20 engineering consultants from Australia, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, U.K., USA and Denmark involved in this project.


MAA involved in 10 design packages out of 12

Since the 1990s, MAA has been heavily involved in THSR, providing design services for eight packages with 195 km line structure, and independent checking service for two packages with 80 km line structure, one depot and one station. All these services involved the construction of a total length of 174 km for viaducts, 13 km for tunnels and 8 km for at-grade sections.


Scope of work

For Government

  • Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design

For Investors and Contractors

  • Tender Document Preparation: C215, C290, Yunling Station
  • Detailed Design: C220, C230, C240, C250, C280, C291, C295, C296, Depot D250
  • Contractor’s Independent Checking Engineer (CICE): C260, C270, depot D250, Hsinchu station

Others – interface management, land acquisition, vibration mitigation, environmental monitoring