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Capturing the “Qi”

The Fuchun Legend Hotel is a 5 star hotel complex with a total of 300 rooms and 86,000 sqm GFA located on the bank of the historic and scenic Fuchun River in Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, near Hangzhou. SURV, Shanghai-based MAA associated architecture and planning firm, was in charge of the masterplan, programming and architectural design for the project, with a design in which the building emerges from the landscape to form the building podium and in a single gesture wraps vertically to form the signature tower form. Designed in alliance with feng-shui principles, the building form represents the legendary 7-li dragon once sleeping within the bed of the Fuchun river, now rising towards the sky in a spiraling motion, taking the "qi" (vital energy) from the river and infusing it through the whole building by redirecting it towards the sky. On the interior, a spiraling and twisting central atrium connects the visitor from the lobby through the main public functions, guest rooms, to the glass roofed sky beyond.


A beautiful experience

Lavish gardens provide a beautiful setting for the cutting edge architecture, while also connecting the private hotels ground to the newly revitalized public waterfront. Guests can enjoy a stroll through the hotel grounds, marveling at sculptures in the riverside plaza or simply enjoying a view to the pristine Fuchun River by the grand infinity pool. Its sprawling gardens designed by LaGuardia, a landscape architecture firm from New York, luxurious spas and 5 stars dining form an unforgettable experience for visitors and a beautiful addition to the Tonglu skyline.


Scope of work

  • Architectural Design