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A new landmark in the Singapore skyline

MAA performed geotechnical studies for Phase 1 and 2 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre project in Singapore. The proposed development is based on the young reclaimed land located in close proximity to the existing north and south bound MRT tunnels between Raffles Places and Marine South Stations and existing CST tunnels, which poses special construction challenges. The first phase consists of the office Towers 1 (33 floors) and 2 (50 floors), the Marina Bay Residences with 428 units and of a 8,780 sqm retail mall, including 3 floors of underground parking and retail. The second phase comprises the office Tower 3 (46 floors), a 7,850 sqm retail mall and the Marina Bay Suites with 221 units. Marina Bay Suites attained its Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP) in June 2013.


Scope of work

Geotechnical study consisting of drilling of 80 deep boreholes down to a 80 m depth for the first phase and 25 deep boreholes down to a 90 m depth for phase 2, as well as field/lab tests with regard to the foundation system and excavation work of the proposed development to be built over the young reclaimed land, where the existence of highly permeable hydraulic sand fill underlain with thick under-consolidated marine clay / localized Granite boulders of old seawalls and adjacent MRT / CST tunnels causes the greatest concern regarding the foundation and basement construction works of the proposed development.