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In the past decades, the population of Taoyuan City has grown from 1.93 million to 2.18 million, ranking first in terms of population growth in Taiwan. Taoyuan is the number one industrial and technological city, with more than one-third of the top 500 manufacturing industries located here, and the industrial output value has ranked first for the ninth consecutive year. Recently, due to the continuous promotion of various constructions, it has attracted a large population and industries, and the use of domestic and industrial water has increased. However, affected by climate change and uneven rainfall, fewer rainy days caused severe water shortages in the dry season, which in turn affected the development of industry and commerce in Taoyuan City.

In response, Taoyuan City Government implemented the “Taoyuan City Reclaimed Water Assessment Plan” in 2016, initially planning to prioritize the reclaimed water from the north district wastewater reclamation center for use in Guanyin and Dayuan Industrial Park. After that, the government implemented the “BTO Project of North District Wastewater Reclamation Center in Taoyuan” in September 2021. The project includes the reclaimed water plant and the water pipeline construction. The reclaimed water plant is located in the north district wastewater reclamation center. The water pipeline begins from the north district wastewater reclamation center and supplies Taoyuan Refinery of CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Guanyin Industrial Park, Taoyuan Aerotropolis, and Nan Ya Plastics Co., Ltd.
The water production of the reclaimed water plant is 112,000 CMD and will be divided into three phases. The water production of reclaimed water in the first phase is 40,000 CMD, the second phase is 40,000 CMD and the third phase is 32,000 CMD. Review and expansions will be carried out based on water demand. In addition to reducing the pressure of water use to increase the flexibility of water resource dispatching in Taoyuan City, the project will enhance the stability of industrial water use, and create maximum industrial output value.
The BTO Project of North District Reclaimed Water is the largest reclaimed water project in northern Taiwan. The first phase is estimated to build a 40,000 CMD reclaimed water plant, which will be expanded to a maximum water production of 112,000 CMD. The total length of the water pipeline, which will be supplied to Guanyin Industrial Park and Taoyuan Refinery, is 26 kilometers.
The overall reclaimed water plant will be integrated with the water resources center to build up a low-carbon park. In addition to setting up solar panels on the roof of the machine building, the plant will achieve a green building label, which meets the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction.